Texas Algebra Ready

Texas Algebra Ready Initiative: Adding Opportunity for Texas Children

TxAIR (formerly TMSDS)

The former TMSDS system has transitioned to a new system known as Texas Achievement Items Repository (TxAIR). 

Like the former system, TxAIR is a web-based tool of resource items provided free to all Texas public and charter schools. TxAIR allows teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses on targeted TEKS and then tailor instruction accordingly. TxAIR contains mathematics and science content covering grades 3-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), Biology, Chemistry and Physics TEKS. This content takes several forms, including an item bank that educators may use to create their own assessments, quizzes or homework. TxAIR is a teaching tool, not a high stakes testing preparatory tool. TxAIR can be accessed at txair.epsilen.com.

For questions about TxAIR, contact txair@esc4.net for assistance.